Zoo Escape! – HTML5 Game

Zoo Escape! – Animal Match: Catch all of the escaped animals and put them safely back into the zoo without letting any get away!! This is a very early technical test of the bouncing/stacking mechanic. Each animal box is ‘Live’ and falls to the bottom automatically if the block below it is destroyed. You can test that by clicking on animals and they will be destroyed. If the code is correct the remaining animals should fall into place without sliding through each other. So far so good. Set it and Forget it…

I’ve got a clear vision of the game and should have a playable version available in a short timespan (Actually I’m game jamming myself to get it done in a accelerated timeframe then polish it afterward but include the core mechanics). UPDATE: Available for Non-Exclusive Licensing, Re-Skinning  and White Label distribution. – Core Mechanics, Local High Score, Music and other base items have been added to the build. NOTE: Native resolution is 640×960. – AVAILABLE NOW FOR LICENSING!

Connect Same Animal Type: Up/Down or Left/Right