Limited Time – $$$ WebSite Investment Opportunity

Forget Banks paying 2% yearly CD rates. I’m offering 375%+ return on your investment with very little risk since even a miss in this business will make money. Its not an all or nothing deal. Hi, my name is Jarvis McCrary but I’m better known online as BlackOpzFX. I have a variety of skills related to online e-commerce that I’ve been using for years to build ecommerce websites, mobile games, web games, Forex auto-trading software and more. For the last year I’ve been programming Android/HTML5 games (during this project I’ll be converting them for Apple too). Below I’ll provide links to the games and my gamedev logs to show you my work ethic and quality standards. If you have access to an Android device and can give my games a spin you’ll see that I dont create low quality junk. My games have very easy to use player interfaces are bug free and pretty fun as mobile games go. Now I’m about to aggressively create a websites that auto-generate cash without me doing to much once they are established.

Its a simple concept but not easy. If you’re willing to create QUALITY content for the web and solve peoples problems you can make money on auto-pilot for years. Thats what I’m proposing to do but need a cash bootstrap to start the business big and stable enough that I dont have to worry about it succeeding. I’ll keep this description short and sweet #1 not to bore you with technical info and #2 to not spill the entire plan and have you run off with it (even though success depends on proper execution which is what I provide).

For a little history. I’ve been programming for 30+ years and have seen the entire landscape of whats possible to do with computers change right before my eyes. When I started it was mostly geeks like myself using them. Next it expanded to gamers then Facebook and Twitter created a social boom. Today computers and tech thanks to mobile phones are a part of everyones lives in almost everything we can or want to do. This also extends into things we want to buy and problems we want to solve for ourselves and others. Back in the beginning days of ecommerce Google Adwords was just about all you needed (the ads that used to show on the right side of the page when you did searches). If someone was searching for ‘best headphones’ or ‘best wrinkle cream’ you could just pop your ad up next to them and a good percentage would click the ad and buy the product. You could also create a web page and be on the first page of Google for those same searches without paying a cent.

Today its not as simple because for the most purchased items so many advertisers are fighting for the term ‘best headphones’ that the advertiser might have to pay close to $1 every time someone clicks the ad. If you’ve got deep pockets plenty of businesses still make a lot of money doing it that way but they’ve pushed the little guy out of bidding on the most used terms. They also dominate the first 10 spots on Google for most search terms. This was the first adjustment that smaller marketers had to make. Now since they couldnt compete for the MOST popular terms they had try to find traffic on other terms that people use searching for headphones.

Luckily technology has advanced and you can use tools to find other popular ways that people search for headphones. The below pic shows different ways that people search for headphones. ‘Bluetooth Headphones’ is the most popular search, it cost advertisers $0.64 every times someone clicks on their Google ad when people are searching, It gets a whopping 201,000 MONTHLY searches just for that one keyword but unfortunately the Advertising competition is ‘High’ so there are probably a lot of webpages trying to compete for their webpage to be shown for that word. If I built a webpage targeting that term it would be difficult to get my page on the 1st page of google results.

search results

My system is a little different. I know what tools to use to find the keywords that get thousands of monthly searches but have almost No-Competition!! They’re the words that people commonly use to find an item but advertisers completely ignore when building their webpages. I can create websites that get top ranking for the keywords I target. Next secret I’ll share: There are generally 2 ways to make money from a webpage. One is to sell something on the page (or direct someone to a store like Amazon and take a commission). The second is to show ads on your page and make cash when people reading your page click the ads. You then earn a cut of the click charge.

I can easily build websites with my keywords that will rank in Google on the 1st page and get thousands of clicks per month. I’ll also be creating pages where we get paid just for an ad clicks (We dont even have to actually SELL anything). The secret sauce that makes this work are the keywords with no-competition that drive FREE traffic to the page so that anything we make from ad clicks is pure profit. Its no joke and you cant scam Google by putting trash on the web and expecting it to 1st page rank. It has to be a real resource for the searcher. I can build pages like that. Also to back up the keywords your site needs to appear on the web as an authority site by being linked to from a lot of important websites. It should have a presence on all of the social sites and other sites that can make your appear to be a leader in its field. I can get those connections naturally built, submitted and working soon after the websites debuts by creating quality content that gets shared. These also boost website rankings and get the site ranked a lot faster.

Here’s an example: of what I’m talking about. As I said before I’m building a smaller self-funded website right now. Below is one of my main keywords (Anything under 20 is a Cash Register). It gets almost 10,000 searches per month and has NO COMPETITION!! This keyword is for a very popular brand that will lead to a lot of clicks on my webpages. With no competition I’ll have this keyword on the 1st page of Google in almost no time and have hundreds of people per day at my website, reading my articles and clicking the ads. This website will have about almost 100K in monthly searches based on low competition keywords that will get to the 1st page of Google FAST!! (Meaning I’ll get Tons for Free Traffic). There are a LOT of unknown search terms like this. Keywords that people use to search for stuff everyday but advertisers dont think to target when buying ads or creating webpages. Lots of people build websites (often targeting niches they’ll NEVER be able rank for) but I know how to build websites that get free traffic from people ready to spend money and can get on the first page on Google results with minimal effort (The $$$ Page).

Keyword Proof

Now I’ll get to the deal I’m offering. I’m a longtime programmer and have worked on everything from websites, ecommerce websites, Google Adwords marketing services, 3D animation, database programming, forex auto-trader programming, etc. etc. I’ve specialized in advertising as well as computer programmings side by side for my entire career. Its also very easy to shift among the different programming languages for me since they are mostly more alike than different. In any event I’ve spent that past year or so mastering GameMaker Studio so I could start making Android, HTML5 and iOS games. After releasing a couple of games I can see that even though the Appstores exist you still need to do traditional marketing to get your games the attention they need. Unfortunately on mobile there is no Free search path for users to find your games and you’ll have to pay for installs just to boost your gaming in the listing then hope you start getting enough natural installs once your game becomes visible.

Soooo… That sent me back to the web to look to promote my games. I started looking at the current generation of keyword tools and was blown away!! They make the job of finding unused keywords so easy it basically a new gold rush for people that know whats going on. Other services I’ve used before have also advanced and/or became dramatically cheaper over the past year. So much has really changed in such a short time!! I’m dropping hints since I can tell you what we’ll be doing – Building websites where people click the ads and we get a cut BUT not exactly how to do it (and exactly is the secret). Below I’ll leave links to my websites and you can us it to judge the quality of products I make. The games are a few recent projects and if you get a chance to play them they give the best gauge of my quality standards. My website is clean but its made for myself and I put 10X more effort into ecommerce websites since you’re targeting specific keywords There are links to my game Cheaters Blackjack and Zoo Escape which can be played right on the webpage.

The IndieDB links are to developer logs I created while making the games to document progress. Just a peek under the hood but show that I have a clean, readable writing style. As I stated in my post even though my cash right now is limited (developing games can be expensive when licensing art, music and sfx) because of gamedev. I’ve already started to build a smaller website that will net me 1.5K to 2.5K per month. But since I’m not buying advertising and have to rely on Google indexing to find and rank my website it can be a couple months before my net earnings reach that amount. (This is the same timeframe if you decide to invest). Google crawls the web 24/7 but it can take a couple months before your website is found and fully indexed. During that time your natural searches gradually increase until they peak a few months after you do a push. If thats the case I would rather do a much larger push from the beginning so that earnings ramp up a lot faster.

With $4,000 to start I can practically guarantee that I would be able to give you 1K a month until I triple your investment. Invest 4K. Gross 15K – Net 12K. With 4K I’ll try to build a 10K a month website (or two 5K) that way even at 50% success I’m still at 5K and month and giving you 1K a month would only be a 20% hit to gross revenues so there’s plenty of wiggle room in that number for you still still get your 1K a month. Also until you’re getting 1K a month I’ll show you the monthly generate revenue and we’ll split it 50%. Like I said before it’ll probably take 2-3 months after the website is online (might take a month to make the website) before you get your first full 1K payment. From there I’ll keep paying 1K until you get 15K.

Its actually a great time to enter online marketing. Just a year back scammers could build websites and profit but recently Google have improved their web crawler. Now its smart enough to kick the scammers to the curb and if you want to get your website ranked by Google you have to create real content and offer real value to the reader. Bingo!! That makes it magic time for me. In the past year the breakthroughs in services and software make it easy for value websites to get noticed and profit. Its a good time to create money generating websites since a lot of the properties scammers had on lockdown (usually the highest profit niches) are now available.

As I stated I’m already creating a smaller site and wont need help after a couple flips but this could be a win-win for me and a few others. It’ll help us both make some nice money in a faster time-frame. I’ll draw up the agreement (we’ll bounce it back and forth until we’re both happy) and we’ll use to electronically sign legally binding documents of the terms. (Dont worry if you’ve never used it. Its easy). A further breakdown:

  • You Invest 4K (or more. I’ll triple your base investment)
  • I build a website targeting 10K month – worst case 4K-5K gross
  • I give you 1K a month until you triple your investment (Actually 375%)

In addition I’ll be building multiple websites and will offer you the same deal on the next one.
Another option I’ll allow on the two if you can invest more than 4K then we can negotiate monthly payout royalties and if I decide to sell the website and cash out. (another nice business for successful niche websites).  That percentage will be your piece of the sale but our 1K per month deal stops at 15K (or triple) and then you’d get monthly royalty payments for years. This is a real deal offer and wont be available for long (couple months after my smaller site if online I’ll be able to fund my own expansion). In addition your investment will be backed by multiple web properties not just one. I expect to build one main website and a couple others that will support the main depending on the available keywords I find (basically if I see an opportunity to boost the main money site I’ll build a website to do it).

Please email me at with any discussion/questions. I prefer to have most of our communications documented so that we both have written copies to refer to regarding our negotiations and working relationship but zap me a phone number and I can explain anything you dont understand. I’ll get right back to you to answer any questions or concerns. Check out my website for links to games, development logs, Steam page and more. Even though these projects were created for myself they still have a impressive quality standard (I tend to put even more effort in keyword focused websites since you have a clear objective). After I get a couple of these money websites operating I have a number of game ideas that I’ll be able to promote and push into the top rankings. This is just a small window into the computer skills I’ll be using on my websites. In the below links. I did all of the video editing, writing, layouts, concepts and promotions. I also have skills in 3D animation, advertising/marketing, SEO among others that give my websites a the edge over other web properties. Hope to work with you in the near future. Thnx!!

My website:
Zoo Escape HTML5 – Small:
Zoo Escape HTML5 – Big:

My Android mobile game reviews (1st review done by site owner):

IndieDB Cheaters Blackjack:
IndieDB Zoo Escape: