Self Employed – Income Documents

Here are my latest income documents. This move caught me by surprise so I hadnt started placing my software until a couple months back (knowing that typically last months sales payout the end of the following month). These are just for first payments I’ll be receiving from them for the next couple months. Ideally I wouldnt have released this game until nearer to Xmas (lat Oct/Nov) but at I minimum I will be receiving increasing payments like this for the next 6-8 months as this particular game peaks then settles into average monthly sales ratio (while I add a few more games to the list to multiply the effect). I also do contract programming work (the $1500 credit) whenever I want/need too otherwise I’m programming my own projects for release. I’ll be able to easily keep ahead of the expenses of this rental (especially with all utilities included) while also investing in my own projects/games. You can look over this actual website to get a better picture of what I do. – Jarvis McCrary